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    Valve Manufacturer

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    Multi Rotation Lock Get Fire Teat Certificate

    The MRL Multi Rotation Lock from Netherlocks has been certificated for Fire test in accordance with ANSI/API and ISO standards. It is a proof that the Multi Rotation Lock will be able to proceed with its work safely as intended even when a fire occurs, so that there will be no additional interruption when operation [...]

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    Manifold Mounted Sequence Valve

    This type of manifold mounted sequence valve is used to automatically sequence positioning, clamping, and supporting functions as system pressure increases. The manifold mounted sequence valve prevents fluid flow to a portion of the fixture until a predetermined trigger pressure is achieved (easily adjustable). It can also be used in multiples for multi-stage sequencing. The [...]

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    Leaking Water Valves to be Repaired

    The water supply ofNorth Main Streetwas cut off the other day, for there was a shut-off valve being installed on that morning, which was installed to fix the problem of the leakage of the water tower. According to Mayor Jaime Ward,North Main Streetwas cut off water supply for eight hours on that day when crews [...]

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    API 6D Pressure Relief Valve

    This type of API 6D pressure relief valve?comprises a combination of an overflow unit of either type control air available or alternatively of type control air not available, as well as a pneumatic pinch valve from series. When in use, pre-load pressure (differential pressure) is applied to the valves body; this means that they are [...]

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    Promotion of High-efficiency Monitors Needs Make a Push

    High-efficiency motor and water pumps, supported by domestic promotion planning, will boost market demands of at least hundreds of billion Yuan, pushing ahead the development of enterprises and further expanding the markets. The promotion of high-efficiency motors can trace back to the year of 2008, when China listed high-efficiency motors into the energy saving projects. [...]

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    Air Operated Pinch Valve

    This type of air operated pinch valve is the solution for isolating and regulating or metering abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products such as granulates, powder, pellets, dust and liquids containing solids, etc. Supplying compressed air or fluid, with minimum pressure difference 2 bar, into the casing of the air operated pinch valve compresses the sleeve, [...]

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    New High Pressure Piston Released

    A member of the Rotork group, the flow control companies, Rotork Fairchild has promoted the high-pressure capacity of its pneumatic regulators which is of succinct and leak-free design for instrument and industrial control applications after introducing a high pressure piston range. Following after the recently released high pressure diaphragm style range of regulators, the new [...]

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    Flow Control Valve

    This flow control valve can accurately limit flow to a pre-set maximum, with an easily adjustable flow limit. It features a paddle-style orifice plate, with optional orifice plate housing. The valve is ideal for limiting the flow to a pre-determined maximum (via maintaining a continuous pressure differential across an orifice). When the pressure differential is [...]

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    New Four-way Diverter Valve Released

    The other day, a brand-new type of high-quality four-way diverter valve was introduced. It carries a totally new system, which is specifically designed for the rigid requirements of bi-directional meter proving. The four-way diverter valve is the heart of this system. Its unique design and operating characteristics allows the valve to be cycled hundreds of [...]

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    A Service Contract Awarded to Metso

    Metso wins a service contract from Qatar Shell for supplying valves and intelligent positioners to the Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) Project inRasLaffanIndustrialCity. As a connective development of Qatar Petroleum and Shell, Pearl GTL is the largest gas to liquids plant in the world and the largest energy project in the state ofQatar. The order [...]

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