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Limiting Orifice Gas Valve

This type of limiting orifice gas valve is designed to allow precise setting of high fire gas flow. It is used for single or multiple burner systems. The standard limiting orifice gas valve can be used as straight through type valves, and angle type valves are available to meet burner piping system requirements. These valves are designed for use with any commercial fuel gas; coke oven gas versions are also available.

There are nine sizes of the limiting orifice gas valve ranging from 1/2 NPT to 4″ ANSI flange. Valves with metric connections are also available. Capacities for natural gas range from 760 to 24,640 scfh (20 to 660 nm3/hr) at a pressure drop of 6.9″ we (1,720 Pa).

The limiting orifice gas valves are designed for use as straight through type valves to set high fire on single or multiple burner systems. Angle type valves are available to meet burner piping system requirements. Valves are also available with metric connections or for coke oven gas.

Installation should be made as close to the burner as possible to minimize burner response time to changes in gas flow, and downstream of a shutoff valve. Though the valves are designed to provide minimal leakage flow when fully closed, they can not be used as shutoff valves.

Precise adjustment is accomplished by rotating the adjusting screw to increase or decrease the gas flow through the valve. After the valve is properly adjusted, the hex screw cap should be replaced to protect the setting. The seal design of the cartridge stem permits operating pressures up to 25 psig (172 kPa).

It also features as follows:

Precision machined valve flow piston;

Rugged cast iron body;

Replaceable cartridge assembly for LVG 505-520;

Straight through valve design; right angle valve option;

Pressure rated to 25 psig (172 kPa);

Fine flow adjustment;

Maintenance free operation;

Vibration proof flow setting.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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