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Leaking Water Valves to be Repaired

The water supply ofNorth Main Streetwas cut off the other day, for there was a shut-off valve being installed on that morning, which was installed to fix the problem of the leakage of the water tower.

According to Mayor Jaime Ward,North Main Streetwas cut off water supply for eight hours on that day when crews installed a shut-off valve at the bottom of the village water tower.

In order to install the valve, the village would have to separateNorth Main Streetfrom the tower. Meanwhile, due to the lack of water, students fromMayfieldElementary School, which is onNorth Main Street, were sent home from school.

Crews scooped out the base of the water tower so that they were able to work on the valve, and water supply resumed several hours later.

For the convenience of all village residents, a boil-water advisory is come into force within the next 48 hours till the installation of the shut-off valve is completed.

Ward added that the leakage of the water tower was not really serious. “Someone noticed a rainbow a little bit from the top,” Ward said.

Ward has considered the hole in the water tower as roughly the size of a pinky. He can see mist in the air. The cause of the leakage would have to be ascertained Wednesday or Thursday.

The repair of the water tower will be start on Tuesday, while at the same time the repair personnel will upgrade the pump valve on Well No. 4. Village officials mentioned that the upgrade will make it possible to run all three pumps at ideal water pressure during the water-tower repairs Tuesday and Wednesday. The completion date is not quite clear. The impact will be fairly small, if thing unexpected turns up.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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