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    Valve Manufacturer

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    High-Capacity Sanitary Control Valve

    This type of high-capacity sanitary control valve is designed to meet the rigid specifications for sterile process and clean utility control valves. This valve series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the biopharmaceutical, Parenteral, cosmetic, dairy and food and beverage industries.

    High rangeability, true characterized trim, high capacities, superior temperature and pressure ratings, facilitated by a superior diaphragm, make it the high-capacity sanitary control valve for sterile peocess, buffer, WFI and acid metering, and clean gas and steam services.

    The high-capacity sanitary control valve meets ASME BPE 2009 guidelines, and is ideally suited for a wide range of flowing media in both the clean utility and process areas of sanitary and aseptic systems.

    Other standards and materials:

    Body: 20 Ra mechanical finish on internal wetted surfaces; machine finish on exterior (63RMS), and electro-polished inside and out;

    Stem: 20 Ra mechanical finish and electro-polish;

    Sizes: 1/2 inch (DN 15) through 3 inch (DN 80);

    Body/ bonnet connection: bolted flange;

    Body material: ASTM A479316Lstainless steel Barstock;

    Stem material: ASTM A479316Lstainless steel Barstock;

    Bonnet material: ASTM A479316Lstainless steel Barstock;

    Shutoff: ANSI Class III with metal seat.

    (Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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