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Electronic Piston Pump Control Valve

This type of electronic piston pump control valve is optimized with hydraulic performance and efficiency in mobile and industrial open-circuit applications. It is available with a programmed electronic unit (ECU). Basic functions include fan control, proportional displacement and pressure controls, and over-center capability for energy recovery applications.

It provides designs with:
“Max” displacement default position for power-loss critical applications such as fan drives;
“0” displacement default position for safety in mobile applications;
Electronic displacement controls for accurate speed control;
Electronic P/Q controls for flow and torque management.

It is available for all seven frame sizes.

Designs without the ECU are available with either displacement default position and with displacement sensor or hydro-mechanical pressure limiter. All include a directional proportional valve. Control logic is user-programmed and can be integrated using the machine’s existing ECU.

Designs with the programmed ECU feature graphical user interface (GUI) software, allowing the user to easily set up pump-specific parameters; adjust parameters for machine behavior if needed; set up data log, monitor pump, wiring and system status; and calibrate system sensor. With these controls the pump includes the displacement sensor and electronic valves as well as pressure sensor if pressure control is selected.

Equipped with electronic controls, which are fully compatible with other series of standard pumps, it becomes intelligent hydraulic components. Its software and display modules make it possible for system designers to integrate all control systems into one including pump, sensors, throttle and engine. They allow OEMs to improve machine operation by optimizing the hydraulic performance as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions by ensuring that the exact amount of hydraulic power is supplied when needed.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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