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Ceramic Eccentric Plug Valve

This type of ceramic eccentric plug valve is a flangeless eccentric plug valve with ceramic seat ring and splined shaft. The ceramic eccentric plug valve is available in NPS 1 through 8 (flangeless available only in NPS 3 through 8), CL150/300/600 (PN 10/100) (NPS 3 through 8), CL300 (PN25/40). This ceramic eccentric plug valve is for use in heavy slurry or corrosive applications. It also features as follows:

Resists Damage from Erosive Flow—Valve assembly is specifically designed to combat the process of erosion. Streamlined flow passages, rugged components, and a wide choice of erosion-resistant trim materials all promote long, dependable service life in erosive applications.

Long Seat Life—Path of eccentric plug minimizes contact with seat ring when opening, reducing seat wear and friction. When the valve plug rotates into the seat ring, a self-lapping action occurs, improving the fit between shut-off surfaces. Full-port, 316 SST, Alloy 6, or ceramic seat ring has two shutoff surfaces and can be easily reversed, reducing downtime.

Operational Versatility—Patented self-centering seat ring and rugged plug allow forward or reverse flow with tight shutoff in either flow direction. Reverse flow direction helps move downstream turbulence away from shutoff surfaces. Full 90-degree rotation removes valve plug from flowstream, helping to reduce plug wear. Seat ring and retainer are available in full and restricted port constructions, and can easily be changed if capacity requirements change.

Easy Installation—Integral valve body flanges mate with many different classes of pipeline flanges, satisfying a variety of piping requirements. Flanges help to eliminate exposed line flange bolting, shorten alignment and installation time, and promote secure valve installations and piping integrity. Flangeless valves are automatically self-centering on line bolting for easy installation.

Simple Assembly and Maintenance—No special orientation, precision clamping or repetitive centering of valve plug and seat ring is required when tightening the retainer, promoting accurate alignment and easy assembly.

Improved Environmental Capabilities—The optional Enviro-seal packing systems are designed with very smooth shaft surfaces and live loading to provide improved sealing. The seal of the Enviro-seal system can restrict emissions to less than the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) limit of 100 ppm (parts per million).

Sour Service Capability—Trim and bolting materials are available for applications handling sour service. These materials comply with the requirements of NACE MR0175-2002.

Rugged Construction—Durable, solid metal or ceramic seat ring and valve plug shut off tightly without deforming plug arms or employing thin ball seals. Oversized shaft diameters and rugged trim parts allow high pressure drops.

Reliable Performance—Patented seat ring design self-centers, self-laps, and dynamically aligns with plug, giving excellent cycle life. Sealed metal bearings help prevent particle buildup and valve shaft seizure in erosive applications.

Choice of Construction Materials—Plug, seat ring, and retainer are available in four levels of hardness for selection of erosion resistance.

(Edited by Eloise Tsai)

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