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    Valve Manufacturer

    A valves Supplier & valve manufacturer Blog

    Limiting Orifice Gas Valve

    This type of limiting orifice gas valve is designed to allow precise setting of high fire gas flow. It is used for single or multiple burner systems. The standard limiting orifice gas valve can be used as straight through type valves, and angle type valves are available to meet burner piping system requirements. These valves [...]

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    Introduction of Welded Non-Return Valves

    What do you know about welding and a welded non return valve? Use of welding and cutting in the manufacturing process of many machine parts is very common. This is achieved through a system of increasing the temperature of the cutting or welding flame by using a mixture of gases. Ordinary mixture of air and [...]

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    Electronic Piston Pump Control Valve

    This type of electronic piston pump control valve is optimized with hydraulic performance and efficiency in mobile and industrial open-circuit applications. It is available with a programmed electronic unit (ECU). Basic functions include fan control, proportional displacement and pressure controls, and over-center capability for energy recovery applications. It provides designs with: “Max” displacement default position [...]

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    New Side-By-Side Electromagnetic Actuator Got Patented

    Recently, Calnetix Technologies, a leading manufacturer in the development and manufacture of high-speed permanent magnet motor generators, power electronics and magnetic meeting the demands of a variety of applications and industries, has obtained a patent for its Powerflux side-by-side combination electromagnetic actuator developed by Principal Research Engineer Alexei Filatov. This is the sixthU.S.patent Filatoy received [...]

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    Four-Way Directional Pressure Compensated Control Valve

    This type of four-way directional pressure compensated control valve combines the features of a four-way directional control valve, a full range pressure compensated by-pass type flow control valve, and an adjustable pilot operated pressure relief valve all in one compact package. This valve reduces the number of fittings, plumbing and potential leakage points in hydraulic [...]

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    High-Capacity Sanitary Control Valve

    This type of high-capacity sanitary control valve is designed to meet the rigid specifications for sterile process and clean utility control valves. This valve series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the biopharmaceutical, Parenteral, cosmetic, dairy and food and beverage industries. High rangeability, true characterized trim, high capacities, superior temperature and pressure [...]

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    Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

    This type of cast stainless steel knife gate valve is designed for improved sealing, extended packing life and reduced maintenance in the toughest corrosive, abrasive liquid slurry or dry material applications including: pulp and paper, mining, waste water, chemical, petrochemical, power, steel, food processing or other Industries. They feature the?exclusive premium packing system consisting of [...]

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    Large Contracts for Flexible Pipes Supply

    Technip has signed two substantial contracts for the provision of flexible pipes for the Egina field operated by Total Upstream Nigeria Ltd, offshoreNigeria. The two contracts consist of the qualification and supply of 12 dynamic flexible jumpers from 3.5″ to 12.5″ which is applicable to oil production, gas lift, water injection and gas export, for [...]

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    Ceramic Eccentric Plug Valve

    This type of ceramic eccentric plug valve is a flangeless eccentric plug valve with ceramic seat ring and splined shaft. The ceramic eccentric plug valve is available in NPS 1 through 8 (flangeless available only in NPS 3 through 8), CL150/300/600 (PN 10/100) (NPS 3 through 8), CL300 (PN25/40). This ceramic eccentric plug valve is [...]

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    Reversible Metal Eccentric Plug Valve

    This type of reversible metal eccentric plug valve is a flangeless eccentric plug valve with reversible metal seat ring and splined shaft.???The reversible metal eccentric plug valve is available in NPS 3 through 12 (DN 80 through 300), CL150/300/600 (PN 10 through PN 100). The camming of the segmented ball permits high capacity flow, and [...]

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